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AcuraVision Clinics (Roop Netralaya): Leading the Way in Refractive Surgery with Advanced Lenticule-Based Technology

In the bustling city of Meerut, AcuraVision Clinics-Roop Netralaya has established itself as a beacon of excellence in ophthalmic care, specializing in refractive surgery. Under the guidance of Dr. Prakhyat Roop, a renowned ophthalmic surgeon, the clinic is setting new benchmarks in vision correction with a focus on spectacle removal using lasers and other surgical procedures.

Dr. Prakhyat Roop, who has received his post-graduation degree and super-specialization training from AIIMS, New Delhi, specializes in cornea transplant, refractive surgery (spectacle removal), and cataract surgery. His distinguished experience includes working with six different laser machines for spectacle removal, such as Alcon Wavelight (Contoura), Ziess Mel 90, Visumax 500 (SMILE), Nidek excimer, Schwind Amaris (SmartLASIK), and Ziemer Z8 Femto LDV (CLEAR).

Uniquely, Dr. Prakhyat Roop is the only surgeon in the world to be awarded twice consecutively by the American Society of Cataract and Refractive Surgery (ASCRS) for innovation in spectacle removal technology lenses. This recognition underscores his dedication and expertise in the field.

AcuraVision Clinics-Roop Netralaya, serving as the only Indian center chosen as an R&D partner for the CLEAR® platform (Corneal Lenticule Extraction for Advanced Refractive Surgery), is at the forefront of refractive surgery technology. The clinic is the first and only in the Delhi and NCR region to offer both the latest generation excimer laser (LASIK) and the latest generation lenticule Extraction Refractive Surgery (Flapless).

At the clinic, SmartSurfACE® and SmartLASIK® technology with Schwind Amaris® represent a significant leap in surgical precision and customization, featuring over 100,000 data points and 7D tracking for increased accuracy. This technology supersedes the older 2D tracking methods and exemplifies the clinic’s commitment to cutting-edge eye care solutions.

Dr. Prakhyat Roop’s clinic offers a comprehensive range of LASIK procedures, including LASIK, i-LASIK, Q-LASIK, and SmartLASIK. While these procedures are effective, flapless surgeries like those performed using CLEAR® are preferred for their safety profile, significantly reducing the risk of long-term complications such as dry eye.

CLEAR® is a groundbreaking advancement in lenticule extraction surgery, offering superior accuracy and customization. Its AI-driven approach allows for precise treatment centered on the patient’s visual axis and cyclotorsion compensation, ensuring accurate correction of cylindrical power. A key feature of CLEAR® is its low energy overlapping spot delivery, which ensures an ultra-smooth lenticule cut, resulting in the sharpest vision.

Recognizing the importance of personalized care, Dr. Prakhyat Roop believes in tailoring treatments to individual patient needs, a philosophy increasingly adopted by other clinics in the Delhi-NCR region. This approach contrasts with the previous one-size-fits-all strategy, marking a significant shift in patient care.

For patients ineligible for LASER treatment, alternatives such as ICL® and IPCL® phakic lenses are available. Dr. Prakhyat Roop, an expert in these procedures, personally oversees each surgery, ensuring the highest quality of care.

Furthermore, for individuals over 40, Dr. Prakhyat Roop utilizes Presbyopic Phakic Lenses (Presbyopic IPCL) and Femtosecond LASER Assisted Clear Lens Extraction surgery with the latest Trifocal, extended depth of focus and Panfocal lenses. This technology is ideal for presbyopic patients and those undergoing cataract surgery, offering a path to spectacle independence.

AcuraVision Clinics-Roop Netralaya, a leader in clinical and technological advancements in spectacle removal, plays a pivotal role in shaping vision correction practices across the Delhi-NCR region. The clinic, led by Dr. Prakhyat Roop, is not just transforming vision care but also paving the way for the future of ophthalmology.

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