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Harsh Goel: From College Dropout to Founder of Business Speaks

Harsh Goel is a young entrepreneur from Delhi who is making waves in the world of online marketing. At just 22 years old, he has founded Business Speaks, a company that helps coaches, content creators, and educators launch their courses, webinars, and workshops online. 


Harsh’s journey started when he finished his 12th exams. Instead of following a traditional career path, he decided to explore the digital world. He began as a freelancer, trying out various business ventures like affiliate marketing, e-commerce, and even stock trading. Each experience taught him valuable lessons, but it wasn’t until he discovered his talent for social media and funnel marketing that things really started to click.


In August 2023, Harsh launched Business Speaks with a small but dedicated team. Despite starting with just ₹800 in his pocket and 30k in debt but, he was determined to succeed. The company quickly gained a reputation for delivering high-quality services that help clients grow their online presence and reach their business goals. 


Business Speaks offers a range of services, including creating engaging video ads, designing attractive landing pages, managing webinars, and building marketing funnels. They tailor their strategies to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring that every project is a success.


Harsh’s approach is all about combining creativity with smart marketing techniques. For example, they create video ads that not only look great but also grab attention and turn viewers into customers. Their landing pages are designed to be visually appealing and easy to use, helping clients connect with their audience effectively. 


Harsh has big plans for the future of Business Speaks. He wants to expand the company’s reach and continue innovating in the digital marketing space. His goal is to make Business Speaks a global leader in funnel marketing, helping more creators and entrepreneurs achieve their dreams.


Beyond his business success, Harsh is passionate about inspiring others. He believes that success isn’t just about making money or hitting personal milestones; it’s also about making a difference and encouraging others to follow their passions.


For more information about Harsh Goel and Business Speaks, visit their website or follow them on social media.





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