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“Salvation (Moksha)”, the most translated film in the world, arrives in India.

13 May, 2024, Delhi, India: Today marks the formal launch of possibly the most translated film in the world, Salvation (Moksha), British-born Writer and Producer Charles Dobara’s ( debut film.

Salvation (Moksha), directed by Tharun Mohan, tells the story of Dobara encountering people from India, the Middle East, North Africa and Somalia, challenging their preconceptions and speaking Hindi, Urdu, three different Arabic dialects and Somali. 

As the film progresses, these people question him about why he has dedicated his life to this nonprofit project; then at the end in a Mandir in London, in perfect Hindi, he tells us the reason for making the film and why he has dedicated his life to service.  Dobara has found people in hill tribes in places like Arunachal Pradesh and Nagaland, and across the whole continent of Africa, persuading them to translate the script into their language. 

Many of these languages are on the UN Endangered Languages list and this is the first time that they have been shown in an international feature film. The translations are available on the YouTube upload which Dobara has made available today – as an unmonetized video so that we won’t be interrupted by any ads, but five international streaming services have already uploaded Salvation for their subscribers to watch.

The film describes how Dobara, born and educated in England, was involved in an incident which sent him on a journey towards a life of service. Over a period of 15 years, he has learnt Hindi, Urdu, Gujarati, Punjabi, Telugu, Malayalam, Bangla and Tamil, speaking some of them in Salvation and the others in Instagram reels made on the streets of London, and yet he has never been to India.

Charles Dobara said “I have dedicated my life to serving the Indian people. In Salvation I tell part of my story and I will make a second film where I tell the rest, then what will I do? That’s up to the Indian people to decide.”
The film can be watched, for free, here: v

About Tharun Mohan

Tharun is a writer, director, producer from London, his directorial credits include feature film ‘The Darkness’ (previous title: Dorcha) (2021), ‘A Purgatory State of Mind’, ‘The Baby’ and other credits include ABC TV series ‘Age of the Living Dead’, Feature film ‘House of Bricks’ (2019) and feature ‘Chasing Shadows’ (2020). The Darkness was nominated as the best feature film on GMA 2021.

Note to the editor
We declare this to be the most translated film by way of written language translation and not by dubbing

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