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According to the CEO of Nvidia, computers will get smarter such that people won’t need to learn how to program

<p>One of the biggest semiconductor companies in the world, Nvidia, has been in the news a lot lately. Jensen Huang, the CEO of the firm, has shared his thoughts on artificial intelligence and is in favor of using the technology to improve humankind. Huang has maintained, among other things, that programmers won’t just be degree holders in the future. He thinks computers need to be intelligent enough to understand human desires.</p>
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<p>Huang reaffirmed this viewpoint in a subsequent interview, stating that efforts are being made to improve computer intelligence so that programmers of any background may learn the language.</p>
<p>Huang had a conversation with Jim Cramer of CNBC. 8 billion individuals, according to Cramer, did not graduate with a degree in computer science. Subsequently, he questioned the CEO of Nvidia about their efforts to promote democracy worldwide.</p>
<p>The CEO of Nvidia responded by stating that the company is “going to make computers smarter so that people don’t have to learn computer science to program a computer.” He said, “The computer should be able to understand what we want and what we intend.”</p>
<p>Nvidia introduced new hardware and software this week at its annual conference, GTC, that is specifically designed for the expanding robotics industry. With the use of this technology, robot engineers should be able to produce a wide range of robots, including humanoid ones.</p>
<p>Huang gave an explanation of his company’s involvement in the creation of humanoids in the CNBC interview.</p>
<p>Huang claims that manufacturing might undergo a revolution thanks to humanoid robots. He discussed the wealth of human movement data that is available to train AI systems and recommended it as a vital tool for raising robot productivity.</p>
<p>Huang used the example of how manufacturing procedures were first created with human labor in mind to demonstrate this. Robots can execute these jobs more effectively by using human data, which might eventually lead to completely robotic production lines.</p>
<p>Huang discussed Nvidia’s collaborations with companies in a variety of sectors and their position as a market pioneer as opposed to just a rival. He went on to say that Nvidia’s technology might spur economic development by increasing corporate productivity and generating jobs.</p>
<p>Huang has discussed robots and AI on a number of occasions. Speaking at the Computex event in Taiwan last year, Huang said that AI has made everyone a coder and that the “digital divide” is now over.</p>
<p>Huang said, “People could do different things that were not possible before in every computing era.” He gave an explanation of how artificial intelligence is being used to do tasks that were previously impractical. Furthermore, he said that anybody may become a programmer in the modern day by only having to “say something to the computer.”</p>

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