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Loss of SBI Debit Card? Learn How To Immediately Block Your ATM Card Through Text Messages Or Online

<p>Debit cards function as payment cards that allow users to take money out of their bank accounts and make transactions. They provide a handy cashless alternative that is linked directly to the user’s bank account. They also provide security features like fraud detection and PIN-based verification to prevent unauthorized transactions. Nonetheless, there is a danger that the debit card may sometimes be lost or stolen.</p>
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<p>It is necessary to contact the bank as soon as possible in order to disable the card in such cases. You may do this by calling the bank’s assistance hotline. In the event that your State Bank of India (SBI) card is lost or stolen, you have the option to deactivate and block it using online banking or the SMS service.</p>
<p><strong>SBI Debit Card Block: Dial This Number for Free</strong></p>
<p>Making a call to the bank’s toll-free lines, 1800 11 2211 or 1800 425 3800, is one of the fastest methods to block your SBI ATM or debit card. After you contact the toll-free line, block your card by following the instructions that you get.</p>
<p><strong>Block SBI Debit Card with Online Banking:</strong></p>
<p>Go to, the official website of SBI.</p>
<p>Enter your username and password to access the SBI online banking system.</p>
<p>Select the ATM card service option after going to the e-service area. Next, choose the option to ban ATM cards.</p>
<p>To disable an ATM or debit card, choose the account that is connected to it.</p>
<p>The list of all the active and blocked cards will be shown to you. The debit card’s first and last four numbers will be shown on the list.</p>
<p>The account holder must choose the card they want to ban in order to continue. Next, choose the submit option after providing an explanation (if it was lost or stolen).</p>
<p>Before confirming, you must next ensure that all the necessary information has been provided.</p>
<p>Choose the request mode and enter the profile password or an OTP number (as per decision).</p>
<p>Click the “Confirm” button after entering the password or OTP as indicated.</p>
<p>An SMS with a ticket number will be sent to the account holder after the SBI ATM debit card has been disabled.</p>
<p><strong>Block SBI Debit Card Through SMS</strong></p>
<p>Enter “BLOCK XXXX” into your email (where XXXX is specified, put down your debit card’s last four numbers), then send it to 567676.</p>
<p>Only the cellphone number associated with your bank account may be used to access this service. You’ll get a confirmation from the bank once they get the SMS. Your ticket number, the blocking time, and the blocking date will all be included in the SMS notice.</p>
<p><strong>Take these safety measures to prevent your debit card from being misplaced:</strong></p>
<p><strong>Maintain It Safe:</strong> Keep your debit card in a secure place, such a wallet or cardholder.</p>
<p><strong>Minimize Exposure:</strong> Refrain from keeping your card exposed or unattended in public areas. When not in use, keep it hidden.</p>
<p><strong>Recall your PIN:</strong> Keep your Personal Identification Number (PIN) in your memory and refrain from writing it down or disclosing it to others.</p>
<p><strong>Check-Ups:</strong> Make sure your debit card is still in your wallet or handbag on a regular basis.</p>
<p><strong>Notify Bank of Changes:</strong> Whenever your contact information changes, let your bank know right away so they can get in touch with you quickly in the event that anything suspect is happening.</p>
<p><strong>Set Up notifications:</strong> Make use of the notification systems provided by your bank to get notifications about transactions. This will enable you to quickly identify any unauthorized activity.</p>
<p><strong>Maintain Up-to-Date Contact Information:</strong> Make sure your bank has your most recent phone number and email address on file so they can get in touch with you right away if there are any problems.</p>
<p><strong>Make Use of Card Controls:</strong> Certain banks have tools that let you manage how your card is used, such spending limits and blocking foreign transactions. To increase security, make use of these features.</p>

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