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Amazing Technology: Tim Cook, CEO of Apple, Explains Why the Vision Pro Headset Is About Rs. 3 Lakh

<p>The $3,499 (about Rs 2.90 lakh) Apple Vision Pro headset is dividing views due to its innovative technology, on which the business is placing a significant wager. The headgear has now gone on sale.</p>
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<p>Apple joined the mixed reality (XR) field relatively later than the majority of tech heavyweights, including Meta and, to some degree, Google. However, now that the product has been officially admitted and is available for purchase, it is time to assess how the market will react to its purported close to 180,000 unit sales. It’s noteworthy to note that Apple CEO Tim Cook debuted in front of the public while sporting the Vision Pro headset in the media just before the product went on sale.</p>
<p>But why does it cost so much is the fundamental issue that everyone is posing to Cook and Co. It is understandable that Apple is charging more for its first headset, but why does the Vision Pro cost six times as much as the Meta Quest headset?</p>
<p>Naturally, Tim Cook was questioned about this. In response, the CEO of Apple said that the device’s premium price is a reflection of the cutting-edge technology it contains.</p>
<p>According to the firm, the headset is a high-quality addition to the market for customers since it runs on two Apple silicone, was created using more than 5,000 patents, and comes with over 500 applications at launch. If that’s not enough justification for the corporation to charge a high price for the product, Cook also highlights the years of work that have gone into bringing spatial computing to life with the use of AI and machine learning.</p>
<p>Mark Zuckerberg of Meta is betting that if the firm can get over two lakh pre-orders for the device, Apple would revitalize the market. This might indicate that his company could have a significant effect in the market similar to that of Android.</p>
<p>Although hundreds of applications have been compatible with the headset from the start, Netflix, YouTube, and a few other major platforms are not available to Apple.</p>

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