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Rashmika Mandana divulges the reason for her decision to denounce her deepfake video: “I’m Honestly Terrified.”

<p>In the month of November 2023, the dissemination of a deepfake video featuring Rashmika Mandanna stirred shock and concern among the public. The individual responsible for the viral clip has already faced legal consequences. However, Rashmika has recently elucidated the motivation behind her decision to address the matter. The esteemed actress of “Pushpa” made her revelations on the platform We Are Yuvaa, emphasizing the imperative need to discourse on such incidents to foster awareness.</p>
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<p>“Frequently, when one chooses to speak on such matters, there are those who retort with sentiments like, ‘This is the nature of the profession you’ve embraced!’ or, ‘Such is the way of the world.’ ‘Why voice your concerns now?’ In my contemplations, the paramount consideration was that had this transpired during my college years, I would have found myself devoid of a supportive presence. Our societal norms dictate that our public image aligns with societal expectations; we are expected to conform to predefined modes of thought and reaction,” Rashmika articulated.</p>
<p>“Envision a scenario where a young lady in her collegiate realm undergoes a parallel ordeal. I harbor a genuine apprehension for their well-being. By vocalizing my experience, I endeavor to acquaint a substantial audience, numbering around 41 million, with the existence of a phenomenon known as deepfake. This is not merely a transgression; it is a force infringing upon emotions and inducing distress on a broader spectrum. Hence, shedding light on this matter was a responsibility I felt compelled to fulfill,” added the actress.</p>
<p>For those unfamiliar with the incident, a manipulated video featuring Rashmika Mandanna circulated on social media in the past November. The video portrayed a figure bearing Rashmika’s countenance entering an elevator, clad in a form-fitting ensemble. Subsequent clarifications established the viral clip as a product of deepfake technology. The incident garnered heightened attention when renowned actor Amitabh Bachchan took to the microblogging platform X, advocating for legal action.</p>
<p>Subsequently, an FIR was lodged in connection with the occurrence, citing sections 465 (forgery) and 469 (forgery for the purpose of damaging reputation) of the Indian Penal Code, along with sections 66C and 66E of the Information Technology Act. This legal pursuit transpired at the IFSO unit of the Delhi Police’s Special Cell, culminating in the apprehension of the individual responsible for fabricating the deepfake video on January 21, 2024.</p>

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