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1:1 Bonus Share: Penny Stock Backed by LIC Soars 124% in Just One Month and Hits Lower Circuit

<p>Integra Essentia Shares Traded Ex-Bonus: On December 30, of last year, the small-cap firm said that January 11, 2024, would be the record date for 1:1 bonus shares. Prior to this, on November 27, 2023, the Integra Essentia Board of Directors approved the bonus issue in a 1:1 ratio, according to the regulatory filing.</p>
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<p>Performance and Return of Integra Essentia Stock: The 52-week high price is now listed at Rs 7.83 per share, while the 52-week low price is given at Rs 2.55 per share. Integra Essentia shares have increased by 138% in the previous three months alone, by 150% in the last six months, by 3450% in the last three years, and by an appealing 787% return in the last two years. Integra Essentia shares have increased by 1477% in the previous five years.</p>
<p>Integra Essentia Financial Results: The company reported that for the quarter ended September 30, 2023, its operating revenue increased by 17.11% to Rs. 6689.71 lakhs from Rs. 5712.55 lakhs. It reported that from Rs 215.88 lakhs in Q2 FY 23 to Rs 752.79 lakhs in Q2 FY24, its PAT increased by 248.71%. PAT margins for the firm increased by 644 basis points, from 3.63% in Q2 FY23 to 10.07% in Q2 FY24. From Rs 211.11 lakhs in Q2 FY23 to Rs 1099.84 lakhs in Q2 FY24, its EBITDA increased by 420.98%.</p>
<p>About: IEL is a business that deals with life necessities, such as food (agro products), clothing (textiles and garments), infrastructure (materials and services for building and developing infrastructure), energy (materials, products, and services for renewable energy projects and equipment), and a host of other goods and services needed to maintain a modern way of life.</p>

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